What is The Blend?

The Blend is finely-chopped, umami-rich mushrooms blended with ground meat in America’s iconic foods. Mushrooms and ground meat blend seamlessly to add an extra serving of vegetables to the plate by enhancing or extending the meat.


Finely chopped mushrooms actually match the texture of ground meat – beef, pork, chicken, turkey (or tofu) – and can be used in place of some of the meat in recipes such as burgers, tacos, meatloaf, lasagna, pasta sauce, or meatballs. Mealtime classics are made healthier with The Blend while improving the flavor profile and delivering a satisfying texture. The Blend can be easily prepared in a retailer’s foodservice, deli and meat departments—everything that is needed is already available.

The Mushroom Council has recipes, marketing and resources to help launch The Blend at retail – all without added cost to the retail organization.