Mushroom Best Practice Assortment

As the retail landscape becomes increasingly competitive, best of class retailers differentiate themselves with merchandising strategies and tactics aimed at their shoppers’ unique needs and preferences. Successful retailers stand out by how well they target and execute key merchandising fundamentals such as assortment, pricing and promotion.

About the Guide

This guide focuses on the first fundamental – assortment and space. As the mushroom category has grown, so has the availability of many different mushroom varieties and forms. Fact-based assortment and space decisions are more important now than ever. When it comes to mushroom assortment and space decisions, there is no “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL” solution. Best practice retailers optimize their mushroom sales and profits by tailoring their sections to their unique competitive strategies and to their particular shopper base and top opportunities.

This guide provides fact-based market and shopper insights, trends and tips to help you:

  • Make more effective assortment decisions for the mushroom category
  • Develop more productive mushroom sections
  • Build mushroom category market share, sales and profits
  • Enhance competitive edge


For more information download the NEW Mushroom Best Practice Assortment here.


The Flavor Enhancing Properties of Mushrooms

The Culinary Institute of America and University of California-Davis, have published a new study in the Journal of Food Science. The study explored the flavor-enhancing properties of mushrooms and found that finely chopped mushrooms Blended with ground meat enhance both flavor and nutrition.

Study Overview

The study, Flavor-Enhancing Properties of Mushrooms in Meat-Based Dishes in Which Sodium Has Been Reduced and Meat Has Been Partially Substituted with Mushrooms, conducted by University of California Davis (UC Davis) and the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) was published in the Journal of Food Science. Chef-instructors from the CIA developed eight test recipes, including recipes featuring the mushroom Blend technique of adding finely chopped mushrooms to beef, and a CIA registered dietitian performed nutrition analyses on the recipe. Six beef taco blend recipes differing in added salt and meat/mushroom blend ratios and two carne asada recipes differing in meat/mushroom blend ratios were developed. The intensity of the sensory attributes of the mushroom preparations, taco blends, and carne asada recipes were evaluated by a trained panel of 13 judges using Quantitative Descriptive Analysis to determine the flavor effects of using a blend of chopped crimini and white button mushrooms and ground beef, as well as sensory mitigation of sodium reduction in the taco blends.

Study Key Findings

This proof-of-concept sensory study provides the basis for how mushrooms and meat can combine for healthier alternatives to iconic American dishes. As the study shows, a traditional ground meat recipe prepared with 50 percent mushrooms and 50 percent meat (or even 80 percent mushrooms and 20 percent meat) can:

  • Reduce calorie, fat and sodium intake, while adding nutrients like vitamin D, potassium*, b-vitamins and antioxidants
  • Enhance the overall flavor, because of double the impact of umami
  • Maintain flavor while reducing sodium intake by 25 percent


For more information download the New Science on Flavor-Enhancing
Properties of Mushrooms study (factsheet)