Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Blend?

The process of taking finely chopped mushrooms and blending them seamlessly into meat products like hamburger, tacos and meatloaf.

What are the Mushroom Council’s goals when rolling out the Blend at retail?

The Council is promoting healthier foods and healthier eating by incorporating a serving of produce into commonly consumed foods. This benefit combined with reduced fats, cholesterol and sodium make The Blend a win-win for everyone.

Why is the Council offering free services to promote the Blend at retail?

The Council wants to see the adoption of The Blend at retail. We would like to see Blend products become staples items at retail. To achieve this, we are offering assistance, support and resources at no cost to retailers. WE want you to succeed in introducing your shopper base to The Blend.

Can we create our own Blend recipes?

Absolutely! Feel free to develop and introduce your own unique Blend recipes.

Can we prepare the Blend products in-store?

Yes! This is what we recommend.

Do you have pre-packaged Blend products for sale?

We do not. We are not selling anything. We are encouraging retailers to offer their own Blend products.

Do we have to call these items “Blend” products?

You do not. However, by using the name Blend in the product description your organization can take advantage of the press and marketing power that the Council is communicating to consumers across the nation.

What varieties of mushrooms are used in the Blend?

Whites, crimini, portabella, and more can be used.

Can Blend recipes be refrigerated or frozen prior to being cooked?

Typically yes.

What if consumers don’t enjoy mushrooms?

Even people who are not “fans” of mushrooms enjoy Blend-based foods because the mushrooms and meat “blend together” and the mushrooms take on the flavor and texture of the meat. Even children in school enjoy Blend burgers’ taste delicious!

Can you help us with Blend shopper communication messages?

We can! We have consumer messages for product introduction, nutrition and benefits.

Can you assist us in promoting the Blend?

Yes. We will work with you to develop a plan and promotional strategy that is unique and customized for your chain.
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