Who is Your Target Market?

Transitional Meat Consumer

Over 100 million consumers are looking for healthier meal alternatives – yet they don’t want to give up on those classic meals (burgers, tacos, meatloaf and more) that make eating so enjoyable. With The Blend, consumers can eat better and enjoy more flavor. Retail grocery stores can be the conduit shoppers rely on to purchase and enjoy Blend-based meals.

The Facts:

  • More consumers are cutting back on red meat than any other type of meat (39%)*
  • Number #1 reason: “I’m trying to eat healthier and that means eating less red meat” (57%)*
  • 78%* of meat consumers are putting “Some” or “A Lot” of effort in making healthy and nutritious meat choices
  • Target consumers are all “health aware” and concerned with food and their health. Fifty percent (50%) of this group is comprised of Millennials (18-34); another 60% include Baby Boomers (55-65+).


Consumption of Beef Declines


Take advantage of these changing trends. Offer shoppers Blend-based meals from the foodservice, deli and meat departments.

Interested in learning more? Contact your mushroom supplier.

* Source: Mintel, U.S. Red Meat, Sept. 2013