The Blend is a Win-Win for Retailers and Consumers


classic-cheeseburger1Retailers benefit by offering new “healthy for you” value-added products from the foodservice, deli and meat departments.

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The use of mushrooms as part of value-added meat products may improve the overall sustainability and has a potential cost savings by replacing a portion of proteins with mushrooms. The stores’ ROI may be improved with savings dropped to the bottom line.

Utilize mushrooms from the produce department to blend into value-added meat-based products and reduce shrink in the produce department.

The Mushroom Council can assist in the development and promotion of Blend programs at retail – all without additional cost. For a complete list of support benefits click here.



prepared-chiliConsumers want to “eat healthier” but hesitate to give up their favorite foods. With The Blend, consumer don’t have to give up anything.

The Blend provides improved flavor through umami-rich mushrooms:

  • Blended burgers taste better than regular burgers
  • Blended meatloaf taste better than regular meatloaf
  • Turkey burgers are greatly improved through the addition of moisture that mushrooms provide

Mushrooms are both hearty and filling. Preliminary research1 suggests that increasing the intake of low-energy-density foods (fewer calories given the volume of food), specifically mushrooms, in place of high-energy-density foods (such as lean ground beef) can be an effective method for reducing the daily intake of fat and still provide a feeling of “fullness” after a meal.

In addition to enjoying their favorite foods, consumers can reduce the intake of cholesterol, fats and sodium.

Key Consumer Benefits:

  • Added Serving of Produce to the Plate
  • Lower Calories
  • Lower Fat
  • Lower Sodium
  • Added Taste to Classic Favorites
  • Juicier and More Appealing Texture

It’s an easy way to change one’s diet with little-to-no effort while improving taste. Perfect for gluten-free diets, too.

Retailers can help make these changes in consumer diets easy and convenient by adding Blended recipes to their prepared foodservice, deli and meat departments.


1Cheskin LJ, Davis LM, Lipsky LM, Mitola AH, Lycan T, Mitchell V, Mickle B, Adkins E. Lack of energy compensation over 4 days when white button mushrooms are substituted for beef. Appetite. 2008:51;50-57.