Driving Fresh Mushroom Category Growth

This article first appeared in the August Issue of Produce Business.

According to a recent purchase-behavior study, “Fresh Mushrooms Fast Facts — A Quick Guide to Shopper Purchase Behaviors” — conducted by the Mushroom Council based on data from the National Consumer Panel (NCP), an IRI and Nielsen operational joint venture — mushroom consumers are found to be receptive to both new varieties of mushrooms and new ways to incorporate mushrooms into their meals. Fresh mushroom purchasers average six mushroom buying trips per year for a total annual spend of $15.78 on fresh mushrooms. Over half of U.S. households purchased fresh mushrooms in 2015.

The Mushroom Council actively developed initiatives to increase mushroom consumption ranging from school nutrition to utilizing registered dietitians at retail. The Council is driving fresh mushroom category growth and encouraging consumers to use fresh mushrooms.

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